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Cooperation supra-municipal issues (2015 - )

Now some areas in Dutch are faced with shrinking, more and more villagers want to contribute to a living countryside and a powerful village. Feniks Consult supports these villages and their promoters in rural areas to bring projects to implementation. In addition, the villages have to take the first move: they determine what they (want to) use. We translate it with them into concrete implementation programs with financial sections. Thereby village interest groups will experience increasingly that cooperation pays off and that they are knowledgeable enough to seek cooperation with professional organizations and education authorities, housing associations and municipalities. Thereby a number of issues transcends the level of the village. Phoenix Consult facilitates these supra-municipal issues by providing knowledge to the community and reaching out to others. Moreover, we explore with communities the opportunities to work future-proof with different village interest groups, how that can be shaped and what the implications will be for municipalities. In short, participation in practice!