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Project Leader / Supporter “Farming for Nature at Twickel” (2007-2008)

The pilot “Farming for Nature at Twickel” has been in development from the beginning of 2003. A different way of thinking and working, in which agriculture and nature are united. The Twickel Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, the Province of Overijssel, the Regge and Dinkel Water Board, various Twente Municipalities? and other parties wish to conserve the man-made landscape at Twickel. To this purpose, a number of farmers at Twickel will link the production of agricultural products to nature conservation. 200 hectares of new nature is created within the project, a number of aquatic objectives is realised, whilst recreation is possible as a sideline.

Within the framework of the development pool, Croes & Horst Project Management has carried out a number of activities in the last phase before the implementation of this project. The implementation of the pilot must in any case start by 1 January 2008: 3 farmers who will start farming nature-oriented at Twickel. To this purpose, it is necessary to finish off a number of project items under time pressure whilst preserving the agreed quality. Among other things, these project items are:

  • Organising a cooperation meeting for signing the contracts
  • Development of a package of measures from the GBD [Green-Blue Services] catalogue for the landscape elements at Twickel in cooperation with D.L.G. [the Agency for Rural Areas]
  • Drafting target picture plans
  • Organising the communication regarding the cooperation agreement, plus a communication plan for the implementation phase of “Farmers for Nature at Twickel”. The target groups, resources, communication channels and roles of the various cooperating parties have been established at a workshop of the project group. The communication plan has subsequently been offered to the Steering Group chaired by Piet Janssen, Member of the Provincial Executive.
  •  Proposal to the steering group with regard to the design of the organisation for the implementation phase of “Farmers for Nature at Twickel”. This proposal has been drafted by order of the project group. Interviews have been held with all parties within the project group; the information acquired has been processed into the proposal. An organisation chart and a function profile of the intended project leader are also a part of the proposal.