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better beantel

Liveability and amenity project ‘Better Beantel’ (2005 -)

Better Beantel is a village development project realized with Leader+ funding. At the basis of the project are a number of private initiatives from Bentelo, meant to put their village on the map as a spot for tourism and recreation. In the end, this will strengthen the socio-economic structure of Bentelo. Croes & Horst Project Management plays a supporting and process counselling role in this; they combined the available initiatives in the social, economic and tourism sphere, provided organizational support, coordinated these and linked these to one another. The initiators themselves sorted out whether the ideas can be realized in the short term, if they fit in with the strong points of the region and if they actually lead to cooperation. The complete project application, including the financial overviews and the progress of the project (incl. progress reports for the Europaloket/EU counter) are conducted by Croes & Horst Project Management.

Among other things, the initiatives involve the realization of a cycle/footpath along the attractive sites with a historical and landscape value, the development of these attractive sites, setting up of a tasting site, the realization of packages and seasonal events, and the carrying out of a number of promotional activities.