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The Wolves Forest (2008 - 2009)

The Wolves Forest is situated north of Apeldoorn, enclosed by the Apeldoorn Canal, the A50 highway and the Zuidbroek new development. It is a small (200 hectares), predominantly agricultural area. The Municipality of Apeldoorn has drawn up a vision with ambitious objectives: 50 hectares of new nature, two new economic carriers, better opening up recreationally, etc. The desired development is that the Wolves Forest will be functioning as a green link between town and countryside.

The Municipality of Apeldoorn has asked Croes & Horst Project Management to draw up a feasibility study plus a financing strategy. The study includes the following aspects: analysis of the current situation (agriculture, morphology / ground-technology, water, nature, cultural history, infrastructure, economics, social), exploration of opportunities and threats, model estimates of costs and possible revenues through subsidies and arrangements. Based on the limited available resources, Croes & Horst Project Management has subsequently drawn up a feasible and affordable layout sketch. The hard principles for this have been formulated in a workshop with the Municipality of Apeldoorn. The commitment of the is also clear as to its outlines: the construction of the infrastructure needed, as a leverage for private green and touristic initiatives. The study concludes with advice for the Mayor and Aldermen to start an area process together with its residents. Thus, the layout sketch with the area can be interpreted into a supported implementation plan.