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Rural area

LOG Lintelo Response Memo (2009)

The environs of Lintelo, an Achterhoek village, has been designated as agricultural development area (LOG) in the Achterhoek-Liemers reconstruction plan. In cooperation with the Municipality of Aalten, the Agency for Rural Areas (DLG) has drawn up a planning vision for LOG Lintelo. Indicated herein is at which locations there is room for expansion and (re-)establishment of intensive cattle farms. Subsequently, citizens, entrepreneurs and interest groups have been given the opportunity to submit a view on this vision. Croes & Horst Project Management is given the assignment from DLG to draw up a response memorandum.

The challenge is to draw up a carefully formulated response memorandum within a short term. Croes & Horst Project Management themes and clusters the responses and draws up the response memorandum in close contact with the Municipality of Aalten, DLG and the Province of Gelderland. Within a month after the assignment, the memorandum is ready for decision-making by the Mayor and Aldermen and the Town Council.