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Rural area

Gulbroek, Vemderbroek, Dijkhuizen (2008 - 2010)

Gulbroek, Vemderbroek and Dijkhuizen, located in the head of the province of Gelderland, are part of the ecological connection zone between the Veluwe and the River IJssel. Enthusiastic individuals have taken the initiative to realise about 250 hectares of high-quality nature with subsidy (Nature and Landscape Management Subsidy System). In the open areas of Gulbroek and Vemderbroek, this involves bluegrass lands, king-cup meadowlands and some wet heathlands. Dijkhuizen is characterised by its coulisse landscape with wet grasslands in the stream valley; estate development is also possible here.

The Agency for Rural Areas (DLG) has asked Croes & Horst Project Management to shape the process towards the layout of the areas. During the Start-up Project, at the end of 2008, the private land owners indicated to have an interest in organised discussions with governments and other parties. Output is a project organisation, project plan, communication plan, and a planning approved by all parties. Characteristic for the project organisation is the equal participation of private and public parties. This has resulted in mutually drafted layout scenarios for the three areas. These are presented to the Epe-Vaasen Steering Group, together with an advice. Then, a start can be made with the preparation of the implementation: licences, public inquiry procedures, specifications, etc. The aim is to have the first spade into the ground in 2011.