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Rural area


Bentelo – Hengevelde Area Commission Project Secretary (2007 - )

The Area Commission protects the local interests at the planning development of the Twente villages Bentelo and Hengevelde with the government: municipality, water board and province. Citizens from both villages are commission members. The commission brings concrete private projects to the attention of the Municipality of Hof van Twente. It also cooperates in the implementation of the Green-Blue Services arrangement and the selection of private initiatives; the objective is to beautify the landscape. Moreover, in cooperation with the VVV [Dutch Tourist Board] it has given the order for a study into the touristic sector in the planning area. And it has mapped out a strolling route together with residents.

Croes & Horst Project Management carries the area commission’s project secretariat. The activities include, among other things: professional support to commission members insofar as needed, making inventories of project initiatives, drafting an area vision (with contributions of professionals through workshops), supervising the making of newsletters, organising walk-in moments and information meetings, agreeing with the municipality and other authorities. All this in close cooperation with the area commission. The area process is currently in its implementation phase; with their hands-on mentality and their acquired experience, the commission members are executing their task with flair. A fine result, which indeed demands less contribution from the project secretariat.