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Area-oriented policy
The area-oriented policy is aimed at the improvement of the quality of the rural areas. [website]

Berkel Project
Integral Replanning of the Berkel water system. [website]

Better Beantel
On the basis of a number of private initiatives from Bentelo, Croes & Horst wrote a project plan for Leader+ together with the people of Bentelo, concerning the strengthening of the tourist and recreational function of Bentelo. [website]

Countryhouse Achterhoek en Liemers
A sustainable development of the countryside in the Achterhoek en Liemers region. That is what the Countryhouse wants to contribute to actively. The key for success in this is: innovation, cooperation, interaction, dialogue. [website]

De Heemhoeve
Grow and develop. As a person, team and organization. Obtain new insights and skills. Work systematically on improvement and optimization through workshops, training, coaching and peer supervision. [website]

Friends of the countryside
An organization of citizens, farmers and market gardeners, who work for the conservation and reinforcement of the countryside, as well as for a countryside mainly carried by sustainable agriculture and market gardening. [website]

Historico-cultural Atlas
Here you will find all architectural (‘on the ground’)  and archaeological monuments (‘in the ground’) of the province of Overijssel. [website]

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
The ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is working on sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship in agriculture and fishing, on food safety and quality, and on a vigorous nature and familiar countryside. [website]

Ministry of VROM (housing, regional development and the environment)
The Ministry of VROM which represents space, living, environment and government buildings. Making policies, carrying them out and maintaining them. [website]

Province of Gelderland
News, general information on politics and on the policies of the province. [website]

Province of Overijssel
News, general information on politics and on the policies of the province. [website]