"Samen werken aan projecten in de groene en blauwe ruimte"

Feniks Consult
Torendijk 2
7495 PX Ambt Delden
tel. 074 - 2569612
E-mail info@feniksconsult.com


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Feniks Consult develops, organizes, supervises and implements projects in rural areas and public spaces. Our clients make the best use of our services in:

  • Water
  • Public space
  • Liveability
  • Rural areas

Moreover, we deserved our tracks in tourism & recreation and land development.

Our clients particularly appreciate our following qualities:

  • The implementation of policy
  • Restart of stalled projects
  • The combination of process and content
  • A solution-oriented and result-oriented mentality
  • Our ability to generate support in the area by open and careful communication in harmonization with the client and other parties.

Understanding of our work is best obtained by reading about our projects. Activities that we generally implement are:

  • Translating water, provincial and municipal policies to feasibility studies, specific plans, Leader + projects, other funding routes.
  • Accompanying those plans up to the implementation and round-off (including specification writing, directing implementation, planning & control and communication with the area.
  • Programme and project management in the field of country institution routes.
  • The drawing up of area visions with implementation programs, financial paragraphs and policy support card material.
  • Supervising private projects, often as secondary activities in agriculture.
  • The design, preparation and implementation of innovative projects.