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Renkum’s Stream Valley Website (2009)

The ecological connection zone of Renkumse Poort connects the Veluwe with the washlands of the River Rhine. The Beukenlaan industrial zone forms a blockade in this connection. 100 years after its construction, this terrain is now returned to nature and converted into a natural stream valley landscape. The Agency of Rural Areas has asked Croes & Horst Project Management to organise a meeting for the neighbours. The purpose is to provide information on the final picture and the expected work. Croes & Horst Project Management has a different advice: build a website. This website is able to provide current information continuously. Moreover, alderman, forester, artist and experts answer questions submitted through the website within 3 working days.

In close collaboration, Croes & Horst Project Management and the VDA Group are producing the website (www.renkumsbeekdal.info) with an attractive flash board on the home page. Within a month after the order, the interactive website is completed and on air. In that period, there were also discussions with important information holders of the project. Neighbours and members of the steering group (The Ministries of Agriculture and Planning, the Province of Gelderland, the Municipality of Renkum) are very pleased with the website.