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Nijmolen Stream Target Picture (2007)

The Nijmolen Stream is a typical ‘spring stream’. Because of the current policies, The Veluwe Water Board wants to repair the Nijmolen Stream so that it will meet the requirements of a ‘spring stream’ of the highest ecological level. Before the start of plan formation, the client wants to have a good picture of the benefits and necessity of the repairs. Understanding of the targets to be realised is also necessary.
In order to get this understanding, Croes & Horst Project Management drafts a target picture for the Nijmolen Stream. This target picture takes shape by means of a programme of demands and wishes as formulated by the various interested parties: municipalities, water board, industry, owner, environmental organisation, etc. The task for Croes & Horst Project Management is to bring the various interests of the different bodies into agreement and to get to a single supported target picture, which is satisfactory to client, interested parties and users. The target picture thus established forms the basis for the implementation plan to be drawn up.