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Project Leader “Dynamic Stream Valley” (2007 - 2014)

The Aa and Maas Water Board, the Municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel and Bernheze, and the Province of North-Brabant are working together in the “Dynamic Stream Valley” project. The “Dynamic Stream Valley” contains 7 kilometres of the Aa Stream between Heeswijk-Dinther and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. At that stretch, the Aa is a straight stream with steep banks and quaysides. The target picture for the layout is derived from the 21st century water management. For the Aa, this means a meandering stream without quaysides and without obstacles for migrating fish. In short, a naturally functioning stream in a valley where the water gets room. The renovation will lead to a surplus value for nature and will help prevent problems with high water levels in the Aa.
As senior project leader for implementation, Feniks Consult Projectmanagement is responsible for the entire preparation and realisation of the project. Before implementation, the following work will have to be carried out first:

  • Supervising the licence procedure
  • Drawing up detailed layout plans
  • Agreeing with the region, interested bodies and authorities as to the target picture
  • Organising public inquiry procedure
  • Drawing up specifications and tender
  • And, if needed, additional research (scientific, surveying, etc,)

With fixed terms and time restrictions of the Flora and Fauna Act, it is a challenge to finish off the project within the fixed term precisely and to full satisfaction of all parties involved. Here, the planning depends on the progress in land acquisition and the negotiations with farmers about the availability of their lands for temporary water storage.