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Process manager Replanning Berkel (= brook) Water Systems in Eibergen and Groenlo (2005 - )

In the coming years, a lot of work will be done on the Berkel water system, paid for by the European structural Fund for the improvement of the countryside (D2). In order to make this water system meet the requirements of 21st century water management, the ambition was expressed to integrally carry out the restoration of the Berkel. This way, dehydration and flooding must be countered, ecologically connecting zones must be laid out, the landscape must be embellished with meandering streams and new landscape elements, and the migration of fish should be made possible. Within this scope, the District Water Board Rijn en IJssel appointed Gerard Horst as process manager for the restoring of the natural brook character, and for the creating of small-scale flood and retention plains. The entire project consists of 5 phases, which, at the latest, have to be completed by 2008, with a total investment of € 20 million. The project is financed by the EU, the Dutch Government, the Province of Gelderland and the District Water Board Rijn and IJssel.

To spread the use of manpower, means and processes (such as applications for subsidies, involvement, and licensing processes), a geographic division into sub-projects has been opted for. At the same time, some of these sub-projects link up with one another. To put it briefly, a combination of a large-scale and overlapping execution, which requires a detailed planning and control, as well as a solid risk management.