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Project manager Replanning Buurserbeek (2004 - 2006)

Large stretches of the Buurserbeek have been constructed by man, and have been pulled straight or normalized to improve the draining of agriculture. Since the current land use no longer meets the wishes of 21st century water management, the desired image is now that of a ‘low brook’ with a natural form of land use and natural management. The objective is that the brook contributes to nature, landscape, agriculture, and joint recreational use. In addition, the brook must be geared to the desired hydrology in the surrounding area. At the end of 2004, Croes & Horst Project Management was asked to realize this objective with a total investment of € 850,000 before March 2006. In reality this means the creation of flood and retention plains, the restoration of the natural character of the brook, and the creation of the possibility for the migration of fish.

Croes & Horst Project Management guided the complete preparation and realization of this project, both concerning the processes and content, including the planning and the drawing up of the estimate and specifications. Due to this there are as few links as possible in the transfer from the client to the people who ultimately carry out the work.