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Project manager Land acquisition and Replanning Zoddebeek (2004 - 2006)

At the time, the former District Water Board Schipbeek and the land consolidation committee Haaksbergen, made arrangements concerning the land acquisition along the Zoddebeek, for the reinforcement of the ecological and landscape function of the brook. Initially, this project was not executed. When the plan was taken up later, the land acquisition proved to be insufficient for the replanning of the Zoddebeek according to the new perceptions of it as an ecologically connecting zone for the migration of various salamander and frog species. There were, however, possibilities for additional land acquisition. By order of the District Water Board Rijn and IJssel, and in collaboration with a local land agent, Croes & Horst Project Management obtained approximately 5 ha of land along the brook. And thereby, three existing natural areas are interconnected. Subsequently, Croes & Horst Project Management realized the preparation and execution of the project, within a planned (and realized) time period of 4 months (1 November 2005 until 28 February 2006). The final result: the materialization of an ecologically connecting zone, including the redevelopment works (e.g. dams through which fish can pass, stepping stones and pools), the neutralizing of dehydration, the restoring of the ‘sponge effect’, and the realization of facilities in consultation with the town of Haaksbergen.