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Tourism and recreation


Project Leader “Sheep in Bronckhorst” (2007 - 2008)

Within the area of the present Municipality of Bronckhorst, sheep were an important source of income. Sheep thus belonged to the landscape and were part of local traditions. From countryside renewal, the idea arose to bring the sheep culture with its old customs and functions back into Bronckhorst’s landscape. With this, the municipality is also able to distinguish itself by its touristic product. A first initiative for this is the “Sheep in Bronckhorst” project. The objective for the first phase of the project is to acquire clarity whether such a project has any chance of success. In the case of a positive decision, a second phase will follow, in which an implementation plan is drafted.
Croes & Horst Project Management has examined which possibilities are available for potential grazing by sheep. Themes examined through area analysis are: agriculture, culture and cultural history, infrastructure, recreation and tourism, events, social-economical themes, nature and nature management. During a workshop with various parties, including the Rijn and Ijssel Water Board, the Dutch Forestry Commission, the Dutch Association of Natural Monuments and the Municipality of Bronckhorst, a SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats] analysis was made, containing the opportunities and threats for such a sheep project. This approach has resulted in support from the parties involved and an integrated picture of feasibility.
After a positive decision regarding feasibility, the second phase was started. In cooperation with the VVV [Dutch Tourist Office] it has been examined which other and particularly touristic aspects can be related to this project. In order to realise upscaling in events by a combination of objectives. All development possibilities have been brought together into a single development vision and worked out into a map.