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Tourism and recreation


Implementation of The Netherlands’ largest touristic event in 2003:

The LAndes GArten Schau (LAGA) has been a very special event in Germany for more than 150 years. In 2002, it was decided for the first time to hold a joint venture event in the border towns of Gronau (Germany) and Losser (The Netherlands). This large exhibition in which items relating to gardening, nature, art and culture were exhibited, covered the total area between Gronau and Losser (part of the Euregio region). A diversity of attractions was connected by inviting bicycle en bus routes. Croes & Horst Project Management was strongly involved in the construction and exploitation of the LAGA, including the fine tuning with the German LAGA organisation.

The complexity of the project was due to the intense involvement of the municipality (as principal and co-player regarding layout and communication all in one), the many suppliers, the political context, the collaboration with the German organisation (which was much better equipped, had started in proper time and had a lot of experience), the differences in rules and legislation, and the very short deadlines.

The objective of attracting 1,000,000 visitors was achieved at the end of September, one month before the LAGA closed. By that, Losser is known as a touristic place. The other objective, budgetary neutrality, could not be achieved, because of disappointing sponsor attributes and catering and the decision of the municipality for lowering the entrance fees.