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Health Care Farm “Erve Fluttert” (2006 - )

The Heuvelink family wants to have a health farm sideline activity next to their agricultural dairy cattle business. Their desire is to convert a part of their farm into a number of apartments. Additionally, room should be created for day care and labour training. The agricultural activities must not suffer from this. However, they want to realise an interaction between the health care branch and the agricultural activities in the sense that the clients can be involved in the agricultural operations. Croes & Horst Project Development:

  • Supports and coaches the Heuvelink family as to contents
  • Examines the subsidy opportunities for them
  • Submits the subsidy application
  • Takes care of the associated progress reports
  • Takes care of planning & control
  • Provides an assessment of the renovation plans and the business plan (including formulating the target group and financial overviews)
  • Advises as regards the allocation to tenders
  • And maintains contacts with various agencies