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Farm Rooms “Erve Derkink” (2006 - )

“Erve Derkink” is a traditionally mixed agricultural business. Currently, only rosé calves are still held. The Hartgerink family wishes to maintain their business and generate the costs for it from a sideline activity. The old pigsty, which is no longer in use, is converted into eight farm rooms divided over 2 floors. A separate shower and toilet group is realised per two rooms.
Croes & Horst Project Development supports and coaches the Hartgerink family in setting up their sideline activity and acquiring the necessary subsidies for it. The subsidy process includes:

  • Support at selecting possible subsidies
  • Submitting a subsidy application
  • And maintaining contacts with the subsidy providers (including drawing up the necessary reports)

Additionally, Croes & Horst Project Development is advising with regard to

  • Market research, possible services and cooperations
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Assessment of third party offers (on completeness, feasibility and pricing)