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Estate development Homestead Dijkzicht in Zwolle (2006 - )

The (former) farm / homestead Dijkzicht is located to the northeast of Zwolle. The current owner wants to restore this homestead back to its former splendour, in the shape of a country estate. The historical characteristics that are still there should be preserved and faded characteristics should be restored as much as possible. Apart from this, there is the wish to add new user functions to the country estate. At the moment, Croes & Horst Project Management assists the owner in mapping the wishes and possibilities with regard to the future sustainable use and preservation of the country estate and its buildings. During the first stage, Croes & Horst Project Management assists the owner of the country estate and Larenstein graduates in a feasibility study, then they will test the project contents and during the subsequent stage, they will be responsible for the realization of the project.