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Social care farm Ten Duis in Ambt Delden (2006 - )

The ten Duis family has an agricultural business with day and weekend care for children with behavioural problems, as a secondary activity. The ten Duis family wants to build out this secondary activity, so that the number of care places may be doubled to 10-12 places. The agricultural activities may not suffer from this activity. Initially, the children stayed in the private rooms of the ten Duis family. At least one young stock shed will be converted into a play and residential room for the children.

These plans require a further professionalism of the secondary activity. Certain quality demands are made on future players in the social care market, both by social care intermediaries and those who grant subsidies. Croes & Horst Project Management supports the ten Duis family in this professionalism of their secondary activity and counsels them with respect to the content of the project: the assessment of the alteration plans, the contacts with the various (government) bodies, the coordination with respect to the content of the project, and the progress control of the project (planning & control).