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Rural area

Evaluations of area processes (2009)

As initiator of complex processes in rural areas, Croes & Horst Project Management has understanding of deciding success and failure factors. The process managers have also led organisation change processes. This combination of knowledge, experience and understanding in both processes and contents renders Croes & Horst Project Management’s process managers skilled and motivated for holding area processes to the light. They are oriented towards a good-working result with maximal support from involved private and public parties. A structured and careful approach, in-depth interviews with reports and feed-back to the individual conversation partners, and a written report renders the process transparent. The report consists of a sound analysis followed by conclusions and separate recommendations. All involved area parties get ample opportunity to respond to the report. These responses are enclosed separately with the report. In the evaluated area processes so far, the parties involved have agreed with the conclusions and recommendations and submitted them fully with the Provincial Executive or other authorities to be decided on.