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Rural area

The Pol (2009 - )

The Old IJssel River has always been a well-sailable river that connects various places in the Achterhoek. Today, the river mainly drains rainwater from Germany and the Achterhoek. The Rijn and IJssel Water Board, the Province of Gelderland and 21 interest groups want to realise an ecological connection zone with recreational side-use. The development The Pol lock complex is a part of the implementation plan. This is where the branch with the EVZ [Ecological Connection Zone] Bielheimerbeek will be, where the Water Board is renovating the locks and performs large-scale maintenance to the sewage works. A wet stepping stone, a fishing passage and the layout of nature-friendly river banks are all part of the redesigning of the area around The Pol.

During a charette, all area parties have discussed the future of the area. Subsequently, Croes & Horst Project Management has informed individual farmers and representatives of the local LTO [Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture] and village interests regarding the outcomes of this charette. Their interest is in the area process has also been sounded out, more specifically with regard to a possible implementation of the recreational and educational functions: exploitation of small-scale catering, possibly in combination with trekking huts and a stopping place for tours, lock management and/or an information room. The next step is performing a study into the feasibility of this implementation.