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Baakse Beek – Veengoot (2008 - 2010)

The Baakse Beek [Baak Stream] and the Veengoot [Peat Drain] flow into the Achterhoek in the Province of Gelderland from Lichtevoorde via Ruurlo, Vorden and Baak to the IJssel River. The river basin has been designated as renovation area within the framework of the reconstruction. Within various themes – water, agriculture, nature and landscape, recreation, living environment and cultural history – measures are found that lead to structural improvements. This involves, for example, improvement of the water quality, realising ecological connection zones, enhancing the agricultural structure and the recreational side-use. Within each theme, interested parties have desires and ideas regarding the measures to be taken. These are brought to the fore in interactive sessions. Next, the wishes from the various themes are attuned with each other into an integrated implementation programme. Unique is that the Rijn and IJssel Water Board is responsible for the implementation of the project and the Provincial authorities assume a supporting role.

The implementation project leader of the water board is attached from Croes & Horst Project Management. He is responsible for the implementation of the water statements and the agreement with other themes. Within these themes, he advises with regard to the feasibility, manipulabilityand affordability of water measures. Thus, synergy and an integrated package of measures are created. Moreover, he creates and uses opportunities with regard to purchase of lands, he initiates implementation initiatives and he practically implements the opportunities ensuing from this.