"Samen werken aan projecten in de groene en blauwe ruimte"

Feniks Consult
Torendijk 2
7495 PX Ambt Delden
tel. 074 - 2569612
E-mail info@feniksconsult.com


Feniks Consult offers the development, organization, guidance and realization of projects. We do so in the areas of interest: rural areas, public area, water, liveability, tourism and recreation, reconstruction.

Feniks Consult carries out a broad range of activities in this field, from programme and project management in the field of land use processes, up to the carrying out of agricultural nature management.  From the conversion of provincial or local policies into concrete plans, or a feasibility analysis. From planning and integral processes and subsidy requests to the realization of these projects. From the designing of innovative plans up to the planning and control during the execution. From the formulating and writing of views on specific areas and feasibility studies up to the offering of practical solutions. On doing so, we pay a lot of attention to the fine-tuning with the parties concerned (clients, end users and other parties) at the start of every process.

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